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Is It Time to Move Your Loved One Into a Long Term Care Facility?

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There may come a time when it makes more sense to move your elderly loved one into a long term care facility. When that time comes, get in touch with Gary F. Allen, Attorney at Law, PLLC.

Our attorney is well-versed in Michigan's elder laws. Attorney Gary F. Allen can plan for your elderly loved one's future, including applying for benefits and establishing a power of attorney. He'll also help you when issues come up with the long term care facility. He's not afraid to fight for the care your loved one deserves.

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Does Your Loved One Need LTC?

Which Type of Long Term Care Facility Is Best for Your Loved One?

There are a variety of long term care facilities for you to choose from. Depending on the level of care your loved one needs and your financial means, you could move your loved one into:

  • A hospital-based skilled nursing facility, which is best for those recovering from illnesses, injuries or surgery.

  • A skilled nursing facility, which offers a high level of medical and personal care. If your loved one needs to be closely monitored, this is a great option.

  • An intermediate care facility, which is best for those with chronic ailments. These facilities are meant for elderly individuals who need longer or permanent stays.

  • A custodial care facility, which mostly offers personal assistance along with low-level nursing services. Your loved one will also get to participate in recreational and social activities.

Don't worry if you run into legal problems while you're looking for a long term care facility or after your loved one has moved in. We'll do our best to resolve any issue. Make Gary F. Allen your attorney now for the guidance you need.