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Elder Law Attorney in Farmington, MI

If you're close to retiring, you shouldn't have to worry about your income. Gary F. Allen, Attorney at Law, PLLC will help you get the benefits you've worked for all your life. We work with people over the age of 60 to help them achieve their financial goals pre- and post-retirement. Once we explain your options, you'll know which steps to take to receive your benefits.

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Ensure Your Loved Ones Are Protected

Find Out What You're Eligible For

Gary F. Allen, Attorney at Law, PLLC will discuss your situation with you to learn the maximum amount you can receive in benefits. We can help you apply for:

Veterans benefits


Powers of Attorney

We'll help you get disability pension benefits, compensation benefits or aid and attendance depending on your circumstances.

You'll save more in the long run by hiring attorney Gary Allen to help you set aside money for your children or to maintain your independence.

We will help you identify the best person to handle your legal or financial matters if something should happen. We can help you format your official power of attorney documentation.

Work with an experienced Estate Planning attorney in Farmington, Michigan to get the benefits you deserve. Visit our office today to find out what benefits you can receive.