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Estate Planning

From wills and trusts to different powers of attorney, there are many tools available to help you plan for your legacy and your family's future. I'll guide you through understanding your options and outlining a personalized strategy to meet your needs.

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Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA)

If you do not have this simple document, and you become incapacitated, then your family will have to hire an attorney to bring a petition in court to have a guardian and conservator named for you.

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Healthcare Power of Attorney (HCPOA)

This document goes by many names. It is sometimes called a Living Will or a Medical Directive. If you are not competent or conscious, then you will need to pick someone to make healthcare decisions for you.

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A revocable living trust is a document that will also distribute your assets at death. Unlike a will, there is no court supervision of the distribution of your assets.

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A will is a basic estate planning document that outlines your wishes for how to distribute your assets upon death. Your will is also important for naming guardians of minor children.

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Deeds are used for transferring interests in real estate between generations — into trusts or at death. Improperly drafted deeds may result in creditor liens or other loss of assets.

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Ladybird Deeds

Also known as an enhanced life estate deed, a ladybird deed is a form of co-ownership in a piece of property that automatically transfers the property from one owner to another upon one's passing.

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Long Term Care

3 out of 4 people age 65+ will need some form of long term care (LTC) in their lifetime. LTC includes a nursing home, at-home care, assisted living services, rehabilitation facilities and memory care facilities.

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If you're eligible, Medicaid will pay for your nursing home costs. I can help you receive such benefits, even if your spouse is not in need. I'll help you determine your eligibility and explain how Medicaid works.

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Veterans Pension

Some veterans or their surviving spouses may be eligible for a special pension of up to $2,000 per month to pay medical expenses and the cost of home care or assisted living.

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Probate is the process of distributing your assets following your death. There are estate planning tools available to help you avoid this often complicated and lengthy process.

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Elder Law

Our older loved ones face unique legal issues to help them get what they need, protect their safety and well-being, and safeguard their assets. I can help you do just that.

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Guardians and Conservators are appointed by a judge after a court hearing. This may be a necessary step if an individual becomes incompetent and did not sign powers of attorney prior to becoming incapacitated.