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October 2019 Newsletter

Posted on Oct. 1 2019.

Dear Clients and Friends,


Several years ago, Congress passed a law to allow an “enhanced” ID or license to be used instead of a passport to enter into the country.

Now a new law will require that you have a “Real ID“ or license by October 1, 2020 to do the following:

  • Fly on an airplane within the U.S.

  • Enter a military base

  • Enter some Federal facilities

So if you ever plan to get on an airplane again, you are going to need the “Real ID.” You get one at the Secretary of State Office. You will need a valid passport or a certified copy of your U.S. birth certificate.

HINT: You can avoid waiting hours at the Secretary of State Office if you make an appointment. Go to the Secretary of State Website and click on “Make an Appointment.” You may have to go six weeks out to get an appointment but you should not have to wait more than 10 minutes in their office.

Inheriting an IRA

If you have been to my seminars, you know I tell a lot of stories to make a point. If I don’t have a story, I will make up a hypothetical story. One of my hypothetical stories has now come true and not once but three times.

It is all about one spouse passing away and leaving their IRA to a surviving spouse. The surviving spouse has several options including keeping the spouse’s IRA in the spouse’s name, converting the IRA into their own IRA, combining the spouses IRA with their own preexisting IRA, and more.

However, the one thing they must do is to name beneficiaries to that inherited IRA. I now have seen 3 cases in the last 5 years where the surviving spouse did not name a beneficiary to the inherited IRA. The very negative result is that the IRA goes to probate court where it will be distributed according to a will, or if none, according to the law of intestacy. That is time consuming and expensive.


Here is a list of my seminars for October. Three are this week. Please come and bring a friend. As always, they are free but please call to register so we know how to set up the room and print the handouts. The addresses and phone numbers, as well as times, for each location are on our website:, or on the handouts you’ve received if you have attended some of my seminars this year.

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