Seminars Offered:

Wills, Trusts and Ladybird deeds:

Learn how to avoid probate and save thousands of dollars, why you probably don't need a trust, how to put a beneficiary on your home deed, and why powers of attorney are your most important estate planning documents. Learn why holding an unrecorded deed may uncap taxes on property at death.

New Laws Affecting your Estate Plan:

Reviews recent changes to Michigan Law & IRS regulations that will affect your existing estate plan. This seminar will explain those changes and you will learn if you need to make changes to your estate plan. Learn about the new Funeral Representative Law and the new law on uncapping real estate taxes at death.

Protect Your Retirement:

There are many outside forces, which may derail your retirement plans. These threats include: inflation, stock market risk, outliving your assets, creditors, assisted living, nursing home expense, and increases in tax rates. Learn how many of these forces may be minimized or eliminated.

When you no longer can care for yourself or a loved one:

This seminar will cover three important aspects of your long term care planning. First, what are the options from home care, assisted living, memory care, nursing care and more? Second, a discussion of critical care issues such as dementia, licensed v. unlicensed homes, rehab, socialization, and cost. Finally, what are the options to pay for the care including insurance, Veterans benefits and Medicaid?

Eliminate or Avoid Taxes:

Taxes may be your biggest expense in retirement. Learn about estate taxes, inheritance taxes, gift taxes and income taxes on your estate. Learn how to covert taxable income to tax deferred or to tax free. Learn what your heirs will be taxed on and how to reduce those taxes.

What you need to know about 401ks, IRAs:

Learn about the rules and regulations of retirement accounts, avoiding penalties, taking RMDs, "planning for a stretch IRA", and when to convert to a Roth IRA. Emphasis is on reducing income taxes and penalties.

Top 10 Senior Scams:

The SCAMS seminar will review the top 10 senior scams and how to avoid them. You will also learn how to identify new scams as they come along.