Testimonials to read from clients and recent seminar attendees

Testimonials to read from clients and recent seminar attendees

Gary F. Allen, Attorney at Law, PLLC, Estate Planning Lawyer, Testimonials:

"I have benefited from Gary's services an astonishing seventeen years. I will continue using Gary's services and advice. Thank you Gary!"

Louie, Dearborn

‚Äč"Gary treated us as if we were part of his family and went about recommending actions that were in our best interest, and, in some cases, not the most revenue generating actions for him. Gary went about taking a very complex financial and estate decision process and made it clear, simple to understand and easily actionable. The value to us was and is beyond expectations. In today's environment, it is not often that one may refer to an attorney as a trusted counselor and friend."

Frank, Northville

"We cannot say enough about his expertise, patience, ethics and direction. He is a professional in Elder Law."

Evelyn, Northville

"His competence regarding the establishment of our wills and directives gave us complete peace of mind. Gary explained in simple terms everything we needed to make informed decisions. We thought the process would be complicated and expensive based on previous experience. Gary was able to show us a simple, less expensive approach to achieving our needs."

Jim and Maureen, Novi

"He takes all the time you need, never making you feel that he can't fix whatever is needed. His knowledge, generosity, kindness, flexibility and caring takes the scare out of the word 'attorney'."

Jill, Plymouth

"We were fortunate to have attended one of his very informative estate planning seminars. His knowledge of Elder care and Veterans benefits assisted us in the care of our Aunt. Mr. Allen also reviewed our Trust documents and powers of attorney to bring them up to date with the necessary amendments. We were so very pleased to recommend others to him as well as our married adult children for their necessary documents. We consider ourselves to both clients and friends."

Joe and Mary Pat, Livonia

"Gary notifies me if the laws change or of any new laws that are added, and if I need to have a new document generated to keep my records current and to safeguard my assets and my children's inheritance. I feel my financial security is safe due to Gary's knowledge and genuine concern for my Golden Years."

Mary, Livonia

"Your efforts have given us a very precious thing... Peace of Mind! Thanks so much."

Bernice and Gordie, Berkley

"Gary Allen is very knowledgeable and approachable."

Pam, Northville

"As a senior, I have come to realize if you need help, an elder care attorney like Gary is the way to go."

Arleen, Novi

"My brothers and I would like to express our sincere appreciation for all your hard work and your expertise and professionalism in working on plans for care of our Mother and Father."

Gary, Warren

"Thank you for your speedy response to my plea for help."

Evelyn, Melvindale

"Thanks for all you've done for me, my dad and family all these years! You've been patient and kind."

Lori, Westland

"Seniors should take advantage of Mr. Allen's knowledge of the latest changes which all of us are not aware of."

Richard, Northville

"Gary clearly explained what goes on in probate and ways to eliminate. Also explained options for distribution of IRA on death of owner- great examples and allowed for questions from previous weeks' discussions."

Danny, age 57

"Concise explanations; humorous presentation and handouts were very helpful too."


"Gary was very organized and was a good presenter. He is credible and avoided using technical jargon."


"Personable approach; handouts and well prepared presentations - easy to understand."


"Gary chose very relevant subjects; explained them well - very credible."

Nikki, age 60

"Gary provided helpful handouts so we could review as needed and could take notes; used humor in presentation and gave many examples; stayed as needed to answer all questions."

Anonymous Couple

"Came to learn and assist my folks initially, but learned so much for myself!"

Kay, Canton

"So informative. Gary Allen is now my attorney."

Mary, Plymouth